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Phase I Projects:


Gender and Employment in Central Asia - Evidence from Panel Data
SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute: Tilman Brück

Transitions to adulthood: Education, skills, and labor market outcomes in Madagascar and Senegal
AUREDI - CERDI, Université d'Auvergne: David Sahn

Building management hierarchies for growth in low-income countries: Understanding the role of supervisor training in the Bangladeshi garment sector
University of Warwick: Chris Woodruff

Start-up capital for youth: Assessing the potential of small business grants and vocational training in Kenya
Innovations for Poverty Action: Isaac Mbiti

High-Risk Youth in Post-Conflict Liberia: Experimentally testing sustainable strategies for boosting employment, productivity, and social stability
Columbia University: Chris Blattman

Punjab Economic Opportunity Program: Evaluating Markets for Skill Acquisition and Employment
Harvard Kennedy School: Asim I. Khwaja

Addressing Gender Inequalities in Earnings and Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa through Innovative Approaches
Innovations for Poverty Action: Markus Goldstein



Phase II Projects:


Girls Empowered by Microfranchising: Estimating the Impacts of Microfranchising on Young Women in Nairobi
Innovations for Poverty Action: Pamela Jakiela

Labor migration and structural change in rural labor markets: Evidence from Malawi
Dartmouth College: Taryn Dinkelman

Structural change, international trade, and labor markets in a  low-income country: Evidence from Vietnam
Dartmouth College: Nina Pavcnik

Reducing Extreme Poverty through Skill Training for Industry Job Placement: The Case of RMG in Bangladesh
South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM): Abu Sonchoy

Food Constraints, Yield Uncertainty and “Ganyu” Labour
Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA): Kelsey Jack

Assisting job Search in Low-Employment Communities: The Effect of Information provision and Transport Vouchers in Adis Ababa
University of Oxford: Marcel Fafchamps

Public Work Programs and farm household behavior: the Malawi Social Action Fund
Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA): Kathleen Beegle

The Labor Market Impacts of Forced Migration
University of Oxford - Centre on Migration, Policy and Society: Carlos Vargas-Silva

How Do Labor Markets Equilibrate? Using Mobile Phone Records to Estimate the Effect of Local Labor Demand Shocks on Internal Migration and Local Wages
University of Washington: Joshua Blumenstock

Globalization and the Gender Gap
University of Michigan: Andrei Levchenko

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