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Economic Growth and Child Labor in Low Income Economies

by Eric Edmonds | Monday, 24 August, 2015

264 million children work in the world today. 64 percent are in activities that satisfy legal definitions of child labor. These working children are both a cause and a consequence of a lack of economic growth. Widespread child employment dampers f... Continue Reading

Minimum Wages in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Haroon Bhorat, Ravi Kanbur, Benjamin Stanwix | Thursday, 30 July, 2015

Although the sectors and fraction of workers covered are small given the low rates of formality and urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), as the number of covered workers grows wage regulation will become increasingly significant. We find that... Continue Reading

Migration and Globalization: What’s in it for Developing Countries?

by Hillel Rapoport | Wednesday, 1 July, 2015

The “migration” component of globalization has long been seen either as a safety net (allowing to
export one’s demographic surplus and receive insurance income from remittances) or as a threat (in
the case of brain ... Continue Reading

Reducing early marriage to boost female labor market participation in Senegal

by IZA Press | Monday, 15 June, 2015
Senegal is a country with large gender disparities in education and career opportunities. Early marriage and low age at first birth greatly impede women’s career prospects. A study by Francesca Marchetta and David E. Sahn, conducted under the GLM-LIC program … Continue reading

Job Creation and Poverty Reduction: A Policy Review

by Francis Teal | Monday, 1 June, 2015

Broadly speaking, public policy has been much more successful at increasing the supply of education than the supply of jobs the educated want in many poor countries. This is particularly true of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and South Asia and it is th... Continue Reading


IZA and the UK Government Departnemnt for International Development (DFID) are proud to present their joint IZA/DFID Growth and Labour Markets in Low Income Countries Programme (GLM | LIC), which will improve worldwide knowledge on labor market issues in low-income countries (LICs) and provide a solid basis for capacity building and development of future labor market policies. 30 grants have been awarded for research activities of institutions around the globe, with a substantial proportion of funds routed to research activities in institutions in LICs.