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To date, existing research on labor markets and economic growth has mainly focused on more advanced economies – developed and middle-income countries – with limited research in low-income countries. Research on labor markets in developed and middle-income countries is not necessarily applicable to LICs for various reasons, including the differing stages in economic development, the particular structure of the economies, and the importance and size of the informal sector.

More research is therefore needed to identify appropriate theoretical frameworks, factors, institutions and policies that facilitate labour market outcomes in LICs and also help identify country characteristics that determine the effectiveness of alternative policies.

Goals and Objectives

GLM | LIC is targeted at addressing this important gap in research, and hence it will focus on various labor markets issues in LICs. Over a period of five years, promising research and capacity-building activities in the field will be selected for funding with the overall objective of delivering a significant new body of evidence on growth and labor markets that will help shape policies in LICs.

By June 2014 up to 30 grants will be awarded for research activities of institutions around the globe, with a substantial proportion of funds routed to research activities of institutions in LICs.

Planned uptake and capacity-building activities organized under GLM | LIC include more than 10 workshops and conferences over the next five years, as well as various publications and at least one collected volume of results.
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