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A GLM | LIC Newsletter is sent regularly and provides updates on funding opportunities and other GLM | LIC related events. If you would like to register for the Newsletter, please follow this Link.

Previous Newsletters can be downloaded below in PDF-format.


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GLM | LIC Newsletter January 2016



The projects from Phase I and II of the GLM/LIC programme have had a great output. They were a great source for the success of the programme. This newsletter presents some of the findings of the projects of the programme.

Currently, the findings are from projects in Zambia, Liberia and Senegal. They focus on credit availability, crime prevention and on education and fertility among young women. The project in Zambia with the scholars G. Fink (Tufts University and IZA) and F. Masiye (University of Zambia) focuses on credit availability and rural labor supply. The field study provided information on the access to credit in the perspective of small-scale farmers. Positive effects were observed while providing loans to the farmers over the ‘hungry season’. Still there are great insights from the pilot study, there is the need for further efforts to scale up the project. Therefore, the project has been expanded. Further descriptions and findings of the projects will appear on the GLM/LIC website.


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