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Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)

IZA is an independent economic research institute that conducts research in labor economics and offers evidence-based policy advice on labor market issues. Supported by the Deutsche Post Foundation, IZA runs the world's largest network of economists, whose research provides answers to the global labor market challenges of our time. Our key objective is to build bridges between academic research, policymakers and society.

Within GLM | LIC IZA is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Programme. The institute takes control of the funds provided by DFID and coordinates the selection of research projects, handles the contracts with and monitors the performance of grant winners. In short, the entire funding procedure - from application to completion of the project is handled by IZA.

The IZA network of fellows and affiliates provides the pool of examiners which takes upon itself the evaluation and selection of research and capacity building projects. The IZA management team handles the administrative process of the programme implementation and organizes various conferences and workshops aimed at capacity building and policy development.

Department for International Development Logo

Department for International Development (DFID)

When the Department for International Development (DFID) was established in 1997, it made fighting world poverty its top priority.

DFID is the part of the UK government that manages Britain's aid to poor countries and works to get rid of extreme poverty. As well as headquarters in London and East Kilbride, near Glasgow, DFID has offices in developing countries and provides aid to around 90 countries.

DFID works to reach the Millennium Development Goals, the international targets agreed by the United Nations (UN) to halve world poverty by 2015.

Within GLM | LIC DFID is responsible for providing most of the funds. In addition DFID shares control over GLM | LIC activities through two members of the Programme Management Group.

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