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Conference on Employment and Development, Jun. 25-26, 2014, Lima

9th IZA/World Bank Conference on Employment and Development

Change of Labour Market Conditions: Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries

Commissioned by the United Kingdom Government Department for International Development (DFID), IZA set up the Growth and Labour Markets in Low Income Countries Programme (GLM-LIC) in 2012. The GLM-LIC programme  focuses on various labour markets issues in low income countries (LICs). Yet, the projects supported by the programme will offer an insight into promising research and capacity building activities in the field with the overall objective to improve the understanding of labour markets in LICs and their relevance for economic growth.

In addition to producing various publications, GLM-LIC also hosts a number of workshops and conferences. In June 2014, a joint conference with the World Bank was held in Lima, Peru, to provide evidence and policy lessons from research in the field of labour markets. The 9th IZA/World Bank Conference on Employment and Development brought together academic researchers, policy makers, and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the research projects and in the training programs in various African countries.

After an introduction by David Lam (University of Michigan and IZA Program Director for GLM-LIC) and Maryam Naghsh Nejad (IZA) the presentations from phase I and II reported on the experience made. Evaluation programs in Africa were introduced and the importance of rigorous evaluation has been stressed.

For more information on the conference click here.

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