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Addressing Gender Inequalities in Earnings and Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa through Innovative Approaches

Principal Investigator Markus Goldstein

Markus Goldstein is a development economist with experience working in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and South Asia. He is currently a Senior Economist in the Africa Region of the World Bank and in the Development Research Group. For more information, see here.

Co-Principal-Investigator Francisco Campos

Francisco Campos is an Economist at the World Bank in the Africa Region Gender Practice. For more information, please see here.

Co-Principal-Investigator John Giles

John Giles is Lead Economist in the Development Research Group (Human Development and Public Services Team). For more information, see here.

Co-Principal-Investigator Hillary Johnson

Hillary Johnson is an impact evaluation specialist for World Bank funded projects in Togo.

Co-Principal-Investigator Leonardo Iacovone

Leonardo Iacovone is an Economist at the World Bank in the Private and Financial Sector Development Unit of the Africa Region.

Project Introduction

 Click here for a brief introduction and the research output of the project.


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